Big Data & Analytics


Visualize Business Insights

Data input has never been an easy task, thus for simplifying the decision process there are products with self-service GUI that allow data exploration, linking and collaboration. The information obtained can be used for achieving better activity results.

Analytics Platform

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service represents the most comprehensive suite of analysis solutions. Oracle Business Intelligence is part of Oracle Analytics Cloud and it can help, with new ways to gain business insights through the simplicity of the cloud and data visualization. Oracle BI Service Cloud lets users access and analyze data without additional development effort.

Big Data Analytics

Now there is the possibility to analyze multiple and varied sources. You can add information for decisions that can improve operational flows and interactions through more precise analysis, prediction and context.

 Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management is a precise business management field, and also a quick process for financial consolidation offering traceability and transparency. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud delivers market leading applications for companies of all sizes. Drive predictable performance, report with confidence, and connect your organization.

Analytic Applications

Analytic applications are a type of business application software, used to measure and improve the performance of business operations. More specifically, analytic applications are a type of business intelligence solution. Therefore, they use collections of historical data about business operations to provide business users with information and tools that allow them to make improvements in business functions.

Advanced Analytics

Oracle Advanced Analytics extends the Oracle Database into a comprehensive advanced analytics platform through two major components: Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining. With Oracle Advanced Analytics, customers have a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics that delivers insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, and fraud alerting.