Expert Services

Expert_ServicesHealth check, diagnostic and tuning services

The database, application server, virtualization and operating system must work well together and always be optimized for nominal performance. The business requirement dynamics also leads to a technical requirement dynamics, therefore is recommended that the systems are diagnosed and optimized on a monthly basis.

Oracle technology infrastructure deployments

The wide range of technologies leads to architectures that look like a puzzle on several levels. We can help you optimize and regain control of your infrastructure, so that you can reduce the complexity of your systems and realize the full benefit of modern technologies.

Audit and recommendation services

For many organizations, effectively incorporating modern technologies into their business seems like a huge challenge because their infrastructures have organically grown into massive, highly complex ecosystems. A proper use and secure access to information can be done using external audit teams. The audit reports and recommendations will identify the infrastructure fragile points and will line-up the operating parameters to internal and external standards.

Enterprise architecture & capacity design

Each producer has its own recommendations on the use and sizing of necessary resources for the functioning of products, its applications or technologies. But customers must decide how to integrate different products and applications, with minimal risk and budget. It often proves to be a long process. Expert advice improves the chances of success.

Business continuity plan

Business continuity and IT disaster recovery plans should not be considered viable unless exercised, and, excluding a real world event, tests are the best form of training for response and recovery personnel. Exercising helps validate business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan content and ensure that identified strategies are capable of providing response and recovery results within the time frames approved by management. Business continuity impact analysis identifies the effects resulting from disruption of business functions and processes. It also uses information to make decisions about recovery priorities and strategies.

Functional experts

During applications implementation, a senior consultant, who owns functional skills in various areas of business (SME – Subject Matter Expert) needs to be involved in order for the application to be successful. SME involvement will ensure a good process execution in all of its stages (design, test, quality checking).

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