Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer – Architecture – Deployment Topology and Security Considerations

Migrating Oracle Database workloads on Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC) raises architectural questions about deployment topology and IT security aspects. The package we propose includes consultancy services for the new IT architecture around the ExaCC service.

Define the ExaCC deployment architecture and address the IT Security concerns.

Description of Service
The package includes the following services:
– Architectural workshops with the following departments required in order to define how the ExaCC will be installed, access, secured and used: IT Architecture, System Administration, Database Administration, Network Administration, IT Security, IT Operations
– Communication with Oracle in order to address the different requirements that are identified during the workshops and are known not to be “standard”
– Propose workarounds to mitigate the non-standard requirements

The scope covers just the architecture definition phase.

Key Deliverables
ExaCC deployment architecture document that addresses the following:
– Deployment topology, including support for running the OEDA tool in order to generate necessary configuration files
– Network considerations
– Disaster recovery solution
– Database Encryption – private key management solution
– IT security considerations
– ExaCC operations aspects
– Database backup solution

Services duration usually depends on the new ExaCC footprint, but are not longer than one month.

Key Customer Benefits
Lower risks of choosing a wrong architecture that will “reveal” the gaps during production phase.
Clear understanding of all security and operational aspects of the new ExaCC service.
Higher security for the overall implementation.
Faster implementation and migration of the database workload to ExaCC.

Fixed price of 15000 EUR

We are a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience implementing Oracle technology. We are also the company that implemented the first ExaCC service and helped the customer to go live with the first production database running on ExaCC.

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