Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer – Database Advanced Administration Services

Running Oracle Database workloads on Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC) involves executing regular maintenance steps that are part of the Oracle maintenance and operational process. The package we propose includes consultancy services for planning and executing all the database proactive maintenance tasks together with reactive services for incident related tasks. It also includes performance tuning, database health checks and database upgrades services.

Define, test and execute the Database maintenance task such as release upgrades, apply security related pathing, apply bundle patches and Oracle Database related incidents analysis and remediation.

Description of Service
The package includes the following services:
– Plan together with Oracle operations team the regular upgrade/patching process.
– Provide support during the testing phase
– Execute the database upgrade and patching activities
– Analyze and remediate incidents that are related with the Oracle database running on ExaCC environment
– Analyze and propose solutions for database security audit findings
– Proactive database performance tuning
– Regular database health checks, analyze logs, database parameters, resource consumption.
– Database capacity planning and monitoring.
– Implement database monitoring procedures.
– Plan and install the database security patches as soon as they become available on the ExaCC environment.
– Incident resolution with agreed SLA that can be either for working hours only or 24/7. Remote access required for providing the SLA.

The scope covers the practive and reactive tasks related with the databases running on ExaCC environment. It does not cover the database daily administration tasks such as space management, cloning, user and rights management.

Key Deliverables
– Database upgrade/patching plan
– Incident management and resolution reports
– Health check and performance tuning reports

Services duration is one year

Key Customer Benefits
Ensure the Database maintenance tasks are performed in time, or a regular basis and with a lower risk.
Reduced incident resolution time
Increased security for the databases running on ExaCC environment.
Increased performance of the databases running on ExaCC environment.

Fixed price per database/year.
Working Hours SLA: 24000 EUR/year/database.
24/7 SLA: 30000 EUR/year/database.
For 2-4 databases a discount of 30% is applied
For 5-10 a discount of 40% is applied
For more than 10 a discount of 50% is applied

We are a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience implementing Oracle technology. We are also the company that implemented the first ExaCC service and helped the customer to go live with the first production database running on ExaCC.

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