Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer – Database Migration Services to ExaCC

Migrating Oracle Database workloads on Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer (ExaCC) is a process that should be fast, secure and with a low risk of outages caused by a migration of this type. The package we propose includes consultancy services for the database migration to an ExaCC environment.

Define, test and execute the database migration procedures to an ExaCC environment.

Description of Service
The package includes the following services:
– Analyze with the DBA team the databases to be migrated and categorize them based on version, source OS, SLA.
– Define for each category multiple migration scenarios that met the requirements of each one. The migration is including a database upgrade to a newer version if this is required.
– Prepare an operation manual for how to properly deploy and configure the databases on an ExaCC environment
– If needed, configure the integration with an HSM that stores the TDE master keys.
– Execute the first test migration process
– Provide support during the testing phase
– Perform a health check of the migrated databases
– Define the backup strategy for the migrated databases
– Prepare the production database migration
– Execute the production database migration
– Provide support during the first week after migration

The scope covers the entire migration phase, starting from preparation, execution of test phase, production and post production support.

Key Deliverables
– Database migration strategy document
– Database on ExaCC operations manual and HSM integration
– Database migration technical procedures
– Database heal check document
– Backup and restore technical procedure
– Production migration plan

Services duration usually depends on the source database characteristics and testing phase requirements. It varies between 2 to 8 weeks per database.
Key Customer Benefits
Ensure the database migration process poses the lowest possible risk by being executed by experienced consultants that are very familiar with the ExaCC environment.
Fast implementation and migration of the database workload to ExaCC without increasing the operational risk.
Increased operational efficiency the DBA tasks on the new ExaCC environment.

Fixed price per database considering the database category.
Simple: 7800 EUR/database. Includes 2 days post production support.
Medium: 11700 EUR/database. Includes 3 days post production support
Complex: 16250 EUR/database. Includes 5 days post production support

We are a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience implementing Oracle technology. We are also the company that implemented the first ExaCC service and helped the customer to go live with the first production database running on ExaCC.
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