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DBA Services

Leverage Logika’s DBA Services and benefit from industry-leading expertise across the Oracle technology and applications. Dedicated specialists will complement IT existing teams or will take over the administration and support of Oracle infrastructure in their entirety .

If we talk about very complex projects, complete DBA administration, integration, expert services or architectural design and deployment, you are on the right page. The services coverage takes place both for on-site or Oracle Cloud platforms.

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Full package of Expert Services for IT Infrastructures located both on-premise or in-cloud environment.

The database, the application server, the virtualization solution, operating system and hardware must work efficiently together and always be optimized for the finest performance.


What we can do:


  Oracle Database health-check, full diagnostic and performance tuning services;

  Complete audit and recommendation services in order to identify the infrastructure weak points;

  Optimize and regain control of your infrastructure in order to reduce the complexity and take full benefit of your IT Oracle investment;

  Expert advice for correct enterprise architecture deployments and capacity planning;

  Full Oracle License infrastructure audit with detailed purchased vs. used report;

  Oracle environment assessments in order to identify products upgrades, security issues, general prerequisites or business impact situations;



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It’s all about complete Oracle Database Administration and support services (on-premise or in-cloud environment)

This kind of services can be provided as a monthly subscription or as a standalone, project-based contract.


What we can do:


  24×7 Production systems monitoring, control and repair;

  Incidents Management – customized and dedicated response time (SLA);

  Proactive and reactive administration and maintenance services;

  Stand-by specialists available on and outside business hours for both DBA & SYS admin tasks;

  Plan, execute and validate the backup and recovery procedures based on best practice and recommendations;

  Define and execute the Patch Management procedure, aligned with Oracle standards;

  Support for defining and executing the Disaster Recovery procedures;

  Detailed monthly reports with services description, incident resolution and recommendation;



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Integrating IT systems is a critical and time-consuming activity. It is important to integrate them based on open standards and best practices.


What we can do:


  Design and define the integration specifications considering business and IT requirements;
  Install, configure and develop IT integration solutions based on state-of-the-art Oracle technology;
  Improve efficiency and quality of data flows;
  Define and implement B2B integrations utilizing on-prem and cloud solutions;
  Design, implement and develop the company API store;
  Design and implement database to database integration flows;



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When you want a detailed blueprint of IT environment, when you think and design your future infrastructure, we will be the trusted partner that will help you make your plan a reality.
Logika’s Architecture Services provides the knowledge and best practices when we talk about large IT Infrastructures configuration and deployment strategies.


What can we do:


  Analysis of current IT architecture and recommendations for improvements;

  Perform the implementation of the changes, through valid situations and efficiency analyzes;

  Specialized support for creating software and hardware acquisition plans. All this in line with the systems architecture and future requirements plan;

  Detailed analysis in order to improve the security mechanisms for the software, hardware and network areas;

  Support the IT departments in order to correctly define and implement the company’s vision for the IT Infrastructure;

  Elaborate and design, based on the requirements received from business and IT key users, software and hardware architecture specifications;

  Design and propose new and innovative IT solutions, taking into account the business requirements, so that the whole information environment runs secure, offers best performance and is highly available.



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