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The entire processes of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle is mainly called Data Security.
Data security can be done in many ways including data encryption, anonymization, tokenization, key management – practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

We at Logika, have carefully selected software and hardware products in which we believe in and trust to deal with modern-day security challenges.

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Oracle Security Suites & Products

Identity Governance

Access Management

Database Security

Key Management

Identity Governance


Oracle’s complete, best-of-breed identity management solution enables you to secure critical applications and sensitive data, lower operational costs, and comply with regulatory requirements.


We will implement a state-of-the-art Oracle Identity Governance Suite solution, offering expert consultancy services throughout  implementation and platform maintenance and operation period. The services are meant to automate, streamline and simplify the full life-cycle of the user management flows, from on-boarding to  termination.

Access Management


Implement a state-of-the-art Oracle Access Management Suite solution, offering expert consultancy services throughout implementation and platform maintenance and operation period. The services are meant to implement a secure, easy to use a Web Single Sign-on solution including second factor authentication and identify federation, when needed.

Database Security



Oracle delivers the industry’s most advanced technology to safeguard data where it lives—in the database. Our comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions ensures data privacy, protection against insider threats, and enables regulatory compliance.


We can deliver complete implementation projects for these Oracle products and provide post implementation long-term support services.


  Oracle Database Vault;

Oracle Database Firewall and Audit;

Oracle Advances Security Option – encryption for data at rest and in motion;

Key Management


Encryption key management is the process used to administer the full life-cycle of cryptographic keys. This includes: generating, using, storing, archiving, and deleting of keys. Protection of the encryption keys includes limiting access to the keys physically, logically, and through user/role access.


Implement a state-of-the-art Enterprise Software Security Key Management Platform, that integrates flawlessly with Oracle Database and other IT Solutions that requires encryption key management.

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Security Solutions Partners

Together with our partners, we approach new methods and products to fight against Cyber Security.
We can provide a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your business.

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Searching for a real time DB security software? DataSunrise database security includes intelligent database firewall & can secure all major databases.

Product details

Data and Database Security is a cross-platform, high-performance software protecting heterogeneous databases and data in real-time;

Automates the compliance and applies security policies. DataSunrise is native to secure database managed services in clouds or self-service databases;

Powerful data-centric security software protects corporate databases from external and insider threats, including SQL injections and unauthorized access attempts;

Dynamic Data Masking obfuscates and masks the entire or partial sensitive data set returned from the data store;

Database proxy offers non-intrusive deployments, does not require any changes to existing system architecture, databases or applications;

Centralized management of database security policies and continuous database monitoring in the cloud or on-premises and automated compliance engine help customers to be in compliance with such regulations as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX or others.

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The Dataguise Privacy on Demand™ (PoD) Platform Takes Care of Personal Data Privacy and Security so You Can Focus on Business.

Product details:


Dataguise gives data-driven enterprises a simple, powerful solution for global sensitive data governance. We believe digital business thrives when you can maximize the business value of all your data;

Data security or compliance concerns shouldn’t stop you from generating new insights, efficiencies, and revenue that could fuel business growth. That’s why we’ve created a software platform that precisely detects, protects, and monitors sensitive data, no matter who needs to leverage it or where it lives, on premises and in the cloud.The job of the technology professional is hard;

Technology is pervasive, complex and always changing. End users can be demanding, and businesses need constant access to an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications and infrastructure. The expectations for IT performance and availability are high, and the responsibility to deliver on those expectations rests squarely on the shoulders of today’s technology professionals;

The only vendor to provide end-to-end sensitive data audit and protection to help you meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements quickly and maintain compliance as your business grows.

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